Thursday, November 12, 2009

No One Told Me.....

This was a day that if something could go wrong, it would, and it mis-step after another. It started with my bringing my Ott lamp back upstairs...I use it for taking pictures on dark days....and the bulb fell out and shattered in a zillion pieces. I was not happy about getting another, as those bulbs cost an arm and a leg. Well, not to worry about that.....they don't make that bulb any longer!!! :-(

I purchased my lamp last April at Jo Ann's Fabric store. It was originally $229.00 and was on sale for $69.00. You can imagine how thrilled I was and with no thought as to why such a reduction in price, I gaily carried it to the checkout counter. You can bet that the next sale with that great of a reduction in price....I will ask many questions before I buy!!!!!

There were no signs that said these were discontinued models and, in fact, they are still selling some of the same ones. The catch is, that the bulb that comes with the lamp is the last you will ever see. Why? Because most of their bulbs will now screw in rather than push in with contact points.

I need that good, natural light for my close work and was wondering how I was going to do without it when my caring and extremely nice hubby came upstairs and said Home Depot carried them.....By this time I had combed the internet as well as making another trip out to Hobby Lobby and Mary Maxims. So back into the car and off we go only the bulb is not anything close to mine.

You will be happy to know that hubby solved the problem by purchasing me a lamp with the same type of True Light bulbs and....the good part? On sale for $19.99! :-) It works perfectly! The light is the amazing and only $19.99!!

So, if any of you, like me, picked up an Ott Lamp at JoAnn's this year during their sale, and it has the square push in type of base on the bulb.....handle with care!!!

I think this is enough "problem talk" don't want to know the other small catastrophe's, but I will say I am exhaused and ready for that warm bath and bed with the TV on HGTV!

Hope you all had a better day!


Connie said...

There are time when a "good deal" isn't such a "good deal", sugar! I know....personal experience!!

CC said...

It's a sad thing when a company as big as JoAnn's doesn't warn the customer the bulbs might be very hard to find. I'm so happy for you that you found such a great new light..I need one also for my picture taking..Have a better day Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Mimi said...

I would be screaming at it by now!!!!
Glad your hubby fixed it !!!!Or got a new one!!!!

Claudia said...

They really should let consumers know these things! I have an OTT lamp - it is very old and I know that darn bulb pushes in! Oh boy, I will be in trouble when it goes. I certainly will be on the lookout for a less expensive one like yours!

fannipauline said...

I recently bought a Ott Lamp on sale at Joannes and no one said anything about them being discontinued. My bulb also pushes in and my goodness but I better be extra careful. If Joanne is only going to sell Ott lamps with screw in bulbs and the other bulbs are not available - they should let the people know or have a part that will fit the push in bulbs and adjust to the screw in ones. Not very good business if you ask me. I think most of us buy a lot from Joannes and we better be extra careful in the future..Hope today is a better day...Hugs, Pauline

fannipauline said...

Boy do I feel stupid. My mind must have been in the clouds as I mis-spelled Jo-Ann's........I was thinking of a friend of mine name Joanne and just typed away like a looney......Sorry....Pauline

Anonymous said...

Rut-roh, I think April is about when I purchased my Ott light at JoAnns on sale. I will be verrrry careful with that booger. Thanks for the warning. I find I'm becoming more and more disenchanted with JoAnns:(

prashant said...

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