Friday, November 6, 2009

A Lovely Saturday Jaunt~

The older I get, the faster the days go and I am not sure what this is about. I took these pictures from the car as hubby and I were on our way to Marine City and the fabulous Vera Grace Emporium and The Antique Warehouse, last SATURDAY! I ment to post them the next day! and here it is late, late Friday night!!! These are just a very small example of the gorgeous homes overlooking the wide and beautiful St. Clair River which runs between Michigan and Canada
on our way to the antique stores. We always drive down by the water rather than the freeway as it is such a pretty drive. On the way home, close to shore were many beautiful and graceful Swans...There was, sadly, no place to pull over to take pictures and I was not quick enough to get my camera out of its case....
Hubby and I had such a nice day, doing something we both love....prowling around not knowing what we will find.Such as lots of lace and doilies which is why we were taking this little jaunt.. These pretty and intriguing little corners of hankies with tatting, a friend and I have concluded, were lessons in tatting....they are all numbered and that threw us for a bit...numbered maybe for the style of lace? And, some hankies with tatted lace all washed and ironed and ready for a project...
Now I am looking forward to our next trip and will be taking lots of pictures inside these fabulous stores to share....


Abatevintage said...

Oh what beautiful pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mimi said...

For my daughter's 30th birthday party, I threw her a Marie Antoinette theme party,and I looked everywhere for lace hankies, and found them no where!!!!
I should have looked at all the antique stores around here!!!!
Do you sell them??? Not that I need them now, but you never know!!!!
Such lovely pics of your neck of the woods!!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Love those pretty hankies.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Gorgeous pictures! Sounds like your jaunt along the St. Claire River was wonderful! Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks so much for sharing and please come visit when you have a moment!

kanishk said...

I should have looked at all the antique stores around here!!!! Work from home India