Friday, June 18, 2010

~Pink Saturday And Stormy Weather~

I thought I better get my Pink Saturday post done, as we have a chain of storms moving in and they are already at Lansing. Lancing is only about two hours West from Port Huron....I love thunderstorms and the rain, I do not like the severe storms and my heart goes out to all those suffering the effects of flooding and tornados and damage from lightening. I am so sad about all the lose of life....There are no words for such a tragedy, only many prayers!

I always make sure the candles are ready with the matches and flashlights close by. My cel phone in my pocket.... We have a basement with a little cold room under the kitchen. It has an outside wall with a little window that is now boarded up to keep winter out, I have a clawfoot hammer in there in case....we are at the end of tornado alley and in 1953 Port Huron suffered a severe tornado, so it is good to be ready and have a game plan. We had a little one that did no damage, two years ago, and it was just three blocks from the followed the pretty park along the two big Blue Water bridges, went across the water and over to Sarnia, Ontario, CA.

By visiting our wonderful host for this event Beverly you will find todays list of marvelous PINK blogs, so grab some ice tea, or a Dr. Pepper and have yourself a fun time.....

And,as always, this week flew by and it was a nice week. Lots of sunshine and happy birds.... I hope your week was nice as well. I worked on all sorts of things and even finished this little Welcome sign...

I hope you can see her....there is a little Miss Mouse sitting in the suitcase. My oldest granddaughter gave this to me quite some time ago.....when you open the box the lid is a stamp. I have used this stamp many times and this is one of my favorite possessions! I had such a hard time capturing her and all the other pictures did not turn out well as I would love to show you the whole little box.

Our storms are to continue tomorrow, and if they do, I won't be on the computer very much coming by to say "hi"! I will have to do it between storms or on Sunday..and I am going to see if I can find some early ones....

So, Happy Pink Wishes to you all!


Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hi Jil :) We were fortunate enought to miss the storms here in Grant (I'm about 30 minutes north of Grand Rapids)...I know they were hitting the southern part of Kent county and moving more south-east. They did say more was to come thru later in the evening :( Anyways, great Pink Saturday post!

Take care & stay safe! And Happy Pink Saturday!

Warmest always, Brenda

Cinnamonstitch said...

Love your sign, BEAUTIFUL of course, I hope the weather improves
for you. I shouldnt complain with our wind, and cooler temps. Normally its in the high 90s by now, but it has been pretty pleasant.But too windy to paint. Stay Safe good friend.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Jil,
Your sign is lovely, as always! Love your hand-painted roses and all the pretty pink. Hope the weather improves and do stay safe! Happy Pink Saturday.


Theresa said...

What a sweet sign and Ms. Mouse in the suitcase is precious! Hope you're all cozied up safe from any storms and enjoying your pink Saturday! Thundering here as I type...EEeeeK!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love the cute sign and Little Miss Mouse who is sitting there so quietly, Jil! ADORABLE!

Hope the weather gets better for you...

Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Hello Dear Friend, I love you little mouse and can see why you cherish her so much. It is little things like this that are the most cherished. Love all of your creations. I still have my little pink jello candles with roses and the candlest that match. I cannot bear to light the candles as they are so pretty. We have storms to day as well, which I am pleased about as it has been 94 degrees for days. This will hopefully cool things down, take care, Maureen

Naturegirl said...

Jil! I am also one who "says it with roses" Love what you post and all the roses here on your blog of roses!A charming wee box!
Happy rose Sat....ummm PS!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Your welcome sign is gorgeous. You defintely paint beautifully.

Good for you for being so prepared for a possible weather catastrophe. Having lived most of my life in Florida, where six months of the year there is always the danger of hurricanes, I know how necessary it is to have some essentials handy.

Have a lovely pink Saturday,

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jil, So nice to meet you. I love your PS post along my way to visiting all our WBC parties. Your talents are so inspiring and I have so enjoyed my visit.
I am now a happy follower too.

Stay safe with the storms in your area.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Jill,

thanks for coming by to say hello.

I love the embroidery piece you found. I would suggest adding a few more embroidery stitches if you can. How about some french knots? They actually have a tutorial on you tube of how to do it. A live video. They are fairly easy to do, and would be perfect I think. Good luck!

hugs and smiles,

nannykim said...

Hope you keep safe! Such a cutey mouse. Oh and that key would fit in most of my inside doors!! Happy pink sat.!

Vicki said...

Hi, Jil,
I heard about the terrible storms in Chicago and Wisconsin, too, I believe. The announcer told about them on the evening news. I am praying for those who experienced such destruction and even loss of life. I hope you and your family are doing okay. Your rose welcome sign is sweet as can be. I love the little mouse stamp given to you by your granddaughter. Enjoy your weekend. Love is being sent your way~ Vicki

Tracy F. said...

Little Miss Mouse is so cute! Stay safe through the storms. Happy Pink Saturday.

Maggie said...

I hope you survive the storms- we're expecting that front later today and tomorrow, darn it!

I just love your pinks today!

Happy belated Pink Saturday from
Maggie Mae!
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

zandra said...

Just stopped by from the where bloggers create party? Love all the pink. Have a great week.

Shirley said...

Hi Jil, I am doing a little catch up tonight. We had the storm yesterday with damage through out the city. We didn't have any serious injuries or lost of life we know about. They say we have another round coming this evening. i wondered where your were from the storms that I heard about. I love your little mouse. He is so cute. Try to stay safe and I wish the storms would stop.

debbie said...

happy belated pink saturday jil,
i hope your storms were not too bad
your welcome sign is adorable...very pretty
have a blessed week
simply debbie

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh..I'm visiting too late again, but I'm here..that's what counts doesn't it? So, Happy Belated Pink Saturday to you and I hope you'll visit my PS-post and enter my give-away! Love, Esther XX

Tanza said...

Hi Jil,
Thanks soo much for stopping in to say hello !! Gosh, hope you get through the storms .. Soo strange for me, to EvEn think about having to deal with those, in the sunny summer weather we always have .. Sure would be nice to get SOME rain .. sounds soo scarry ..

You have such a charming blog, and am loving all the roses, and your sweet case .. thanks for sharing, and I will drop in again soon .. Happy day to you ~
HuGs ~TeA~ xo

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What pretty pink!