Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summers Flowers

I was playing around in PhotoShop this evening, learning to make a collage or mosaic....I took some of my pictures of this years flowers and thought it turned out not too I decided to post it....I am learning the control of the corners to make it the size I want and learning the layers to put it above or below a picture. It is great fun....

I do love playing around with the computer and different programs....I got myself into a little trouble yesterday trying to make something happen with my website and made it such a mess my designer had to work on it for FOUR HOURS. I am lucky she is such a sweetheart, for she is extremely busy and she stopped what she was doing to straighten out my mess... God Love Her!!

Off for a bubble bath...the weatherman promised rain and thunderstorms tonight..I hope he delivers as our grass is absolutely parched....with a hot West wind the flowers can not stay hydrated and so they look tired and droopy......the way I felt after a day of grocery and other necessary shopping, today!

Wishing You Sweet Dreams!


Denise@alloverroses said...

Your mosaic is lovely Jil. I think I need to invest in Photo Shop. Every one I talk to loves it. Your flowers are beautiful too!
Have a great night.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,my dear friend!-)*

Your collage is SOooooooo dreamly nice...
I like to plaing with the photos very much too!

Wish you happy first september week,


Tina said...

nice photos of your roses. i have roses too.