Sunday, October 31, 2010

This little gal lost her gazing ball to the heavy winds, but she still looks cute sitting among the pumpkins....this is something I saved for myself from the hundreds of items hubby and I made for craft shows in the past....Click on the picture and you can see her better...She says,"Do you see what I see?"

Oh my! Today is the last of October, 2010. Can you believe it? Tomorrow we will be able to say that Christmas is next month! Really, where has this year flown to???? I had so many things to accomplish and I did accomplish a lot on the list, but I had hoped to accomplish everything! Next years list will start at the top with those that did not get done this year!

I am a bit late getting this on today and here is why....I finished my project of these two little end tables. They are to go to Chazy, NY for our daughters Christmas present. WOO HOO! I always feel so good when promised projects are finished....I hope she will like them.

I plan to do a coffee table for myself for my next project with mosaics!

It is dark and bitter cold today....I wonder if we will get many little ghosts and goblins wanting treats?
Well, we are ready...

Many years ago, I fell in love with this Jack-O-Lantern candy can...there is a tiny chip in the lid where Miss Allie, one of our precious granddaughters, dropped it and then promptly burst into tears because of the chip...of course she got lots of hugs and kisses and her tears wiped away. I told her the chip added to the cuteness, or something to that effect to soothe her. She is almost sixteen now and she was maybe four when she dropped the, that chip is very precious to me.

My hubby has a sweet tooth like no other! Really. We were at Costco yesterday and he went scouting for the Halloween candy. I always have him choose because he buys more than we could ever use, so he can eat all the left over candies! lol! So the kids get good candies from our house!!

And this little vignette has a witch candle from Julian, California. Julian is a cute little town above San Diego in the Laguna Mountains. Our youngest daughter went up there many years ago and knowing how much I love candles, she brought this darling candle to me....I wish I had captured her face as she is smiling and cute. She gifted me the little lamp that holds tea lights and the card just finished it off from my oldest granddaughter Adrianna way out in California, this year. The card will be saved to be added next year in a little display.

Have fun tonight and Happy Halloween!!


Mari said...


Rita said...

Hello Jil,
thank you for your precious visit.
I'm actually still visiting PS participants as we are so many it's taking me forever to visit them all.
Your mosaic tables are beautiful beyond words. you're so talentded
I'll follow your blog to keep in touch.
have a blessed week

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jil,
OH what a darling share of treasures from start to finish. Love your little sitting witch at the top. So cute.
Your tables are gorgeous and your daughter is going to love them. What a wonderful gift from your talented heart and hands.
I have the very same table to paint up and add my roses.

Love your candle gift too. Such a perfect little Halloween display.
Thank you for stopping by today. We had a great night, but less kids then normal for us. Only about 80 down from our usual 200. But a fun time anyway.

Have a wonderful week ahead.
Happy Creating.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

fannipauline said...

Hi Jil, Your tables for Kimi turned out just very beautiful - I know she is going to be so thrilled with them. What a labor of love..I love your little girl with the pumpkins beside her. I have on similar with a night light you made. Those were fun days and darling Susan Jill Hall patterns. Gee, we made an awful lot of her patterns. I still miss that girl and her talent.....

Have a fun trip to take your goodies to Chazy.....Stay safe.
Hugs, Pauline

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I'm sure your daughter will love the tables, their just gorgeous!!! Love your adorable candle too, what great treasures! I wanted to thank you for stopping by and visiting and for your sweet comments, I loved reading them!!! Blessings~~ Daphne

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I forgot to tell you I had left a comment for you on my last post... Daphne


jil the tables for your daughter are amazing .she will love them
my hubby and i went to julian,ca when we were first married and i fell in love with this little town .i wasn't to fond of the drive back though steep and winding roads .a bit scary (actually a lot scary )hope you had fun giving your Halloween treats out ..hugs Linda

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Jil, I just love your cute tables. You did a super job on those, and all of your decorations are cute, too.

I can't believe we have one month till Christmas! YIKES!


Sheila :-)