Thursday, December 2, 2010

These may be cozy winter days, but the clouds and sun going further South each day, makes it soooooo difficult to take a picture. I have so much I wanted to get accomplished today, but taking pictures and editing them and then taking more because the quality is far from what I want, is keeping me from my!

The fabrics in this stocking are so pretty and the image so enchanting, I wanted to share it with you....the quality of the pictures...not what I wanted....The first of the year I am going to upgrade my camera...I want the new Canon that takes great pics in low light.....hint, hint, Santa....

I think is my favorite of the stockings I have made, so far, this Christmas season. With the gorgeous fabrics, olden laces, a bit of vintage bling and this precious child, this really is a pretty stocking....

Hope you are all having a nice day and keeping warm and cozy if you live, as I do, where it is now, with these temps, officially winter!

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