Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello Sweet Friends....I have not posted for several days.....I have been so lazy and not terribly motivated. Sleeping late, going back to bed earlier than usual. It feels so good to snuggle under the covers and just let the wind blow and the snow fall! I know this is very sloth like behavior, but I do not feel guilty...I have needed some rest. Last year was brutal at times and the rest is so healing....
I have not been completely idle, though...I have been faux baking...that is always so relaxing and delicious fun...

Making pillows...


And here is a two cup teapot with cozy, coaster and tea wallet full of delicious teas...
all of which can be seen on my website Hope you will come by for a peek...

Wishing you all happy and cozy winter days!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Jil,
My sweet friend, your faux cakes are gorgeous and the tea cozy is scrumptious too! You are so creative and I love all your girly stuff.
You have been busy and it's nice to snuggle down under the covers this time year.
I think it's 60 days till Spring and I can't wait!
I hope you have a lovely week.


Nancy said...

Hi Jil, I am SO amazed at the winter comments this year. HA!!! :-) Since I am in California, it seems so far away!

What a wonderful way to spend a couple of days. And, you did do something...those faux pastries are delightful!

I cannot wait for long light filled days (but, I'm not missing the snow!)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Now this post is full of true pink perfection! So very lovely.

We did a whole flea market booth of pink accents.
Come take a peek:

Have a wonderful weekend!