Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Etsy Cottage Style is having a party this month....a fun party all about our cupboards and what we keep in them, so I am starting with my large Pie Safe.....
This is a very old pie safe that came out of a hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada, many years ago. When I had my own little boutique I went to an auctioneer outside of Bellingham, WA. to find display pieces for my shop and..... I had this budget I had to pay attention to. I needed a large piece and so he took me out to his barn and there sitting in the dirt, with a tangle of weeds growing up around it, was this old pie safe. I fell in love! He told me how he went to Vancouver when he learned they were tearing down an old hotel and he rescued it among other pieces. Let me tell you this piece is h-e-a-v-y! It takes about four strong men to lift it. I brought hubby and friends and we got it loaded into a truck and then to our home to clean and paint. Two years ago, I repainted it and about eighteen years ago I had hubby put in the chicken wire to keep grandbaby hands from playing with the china....and I have to say I love the look. Bless, hubby's heart, he is never sure of what the outcome of what I want will look like, but he nicely goes about doing it for me.
My blue collection sits on the top and the top shelves are full of my Rose Chintz china by Johnson Bros. I love this old piece....In one of my early posts I show the before and the after of the recent redoing of it.

Then, I have this wonderful maple corner cuboard that was my Mom's. She purchased it in the late 40's among other sweet maple pieces....I have been debating about painting it white....It is full of china I just love...

And this is my beloved old Hoosier cabinet that I purchased for this little bungalow of was almost too big!

And last, but not least, one of my kitchen cupboards.....I know you probably think how outdated this looks. For me, it is exactly the look that is me! When we had been here a short time, we took off the cupboard doors, papered two walls in my favorite blue and white checks and painted the cupboards and did much more. I am showing you just one of the cupboards as the other side of the sink is quite messy with my painting is too chilly to paint in the basement so I moved my little project up to the kitchen....

I guess you can tell by these pictures, that I am very much the cottage style gal!

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Hope you enjoyed looking at my cupboards and now I am off to look at yours!


stefanie said...

oooooo, you have the best cupboards ever!!! gorgeous!

Debbi said...

Jil! I especially enjoyed your post, because we love the same things`PINK ROSES~

Ornaments by Pink said...

Hi Jill, I just love your pictures!
Oh, to have a pie safe!
Your cabinets and cupboards are beautiful! I'm a collector of old pink plates and bowls, teacups and saucers. I also love my antique flow blue pieces!
Enjoyed seeing your collections!
Have a nice day!

Char said...

Hi Jil, I don't think anything is ever outdated if you love it. I think the checkered paper on the walls is just perfect with all the pink roses and the whites. I loved seeing in your cabinets, Char

chateau de fleurs said...

what lovely things you have ,I especially like that hoosier! Your style is perfect for you, and thats what matters! Christie

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Wonderful cabinets, Jil! And you KNOW I LOVE your Rose Chintz dishes!! The old pie safe is a sweet place to keep your china and you got it here in Canada too! Thanks for sharing.


Judy said...

You have many beautiful cupboards! Love the teacups, china, plates, everything! Thanks so much for sharing!

PrettyPinkPins said...

Nothing outdated about any of your decorating! It's simply heaven! Your home looks like a wonderful place to "de-stress" ... ahhhh ! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!

Fancy Vintage said...

oh am so loving your collections of china, so so so lovely, especially your last image.
I am inspired by everyone's collections of china, so will take photos this week of my vintage collection on my welsh dresser!