Friday, March 25, 2011

Chilly Pink Saturday

Hello All....Wherever you are I hope it is not as cold as it is here. Brrrr! It is almost April and last night it got down to 9 degrees and the high today, so far, has not made it to 30! The less than one inch of snow of the first of the week turned out to be more like four and it is frozen to the ground and trees. Even though tulips and other spring flowers seem to be hardy, I wonder what this frozen snow is doing to them! Some were up about six inches ....Oh, where is Spring and some warm air????

But to happier matters....this is Saturday and you all know what that means! We are celebrating our favorite color, PINK, with Beverly . Be sure and run over to see all the wonderful blogs taking part....

I feel kind of lacking in pink this week to show you, but I did these three little "egg" bunnies and they come in this very pink wire basket...They turned out pretty cute and they sit by themselves, too. You can see more views of them at My Website

And, then while I was at it, I made three more that I listed individually on My Etsy

This is one of them....

I am keeping the noble people of Japan in my daily prayers and I hope you will join me....they are now fearing a serious breach in the reactors that could spill uncontrolled amounts of horrific on top of all they are having to deal with! And then there was another good jolt in the ground in Myanmar which took lives....

I was saddened too, this week, by the passing of one my all time favorite actresses...Elizabeth Taylor. I have read that she had suffered great pain for some time and while I will miss her, I am happy she is now painfree and in a peaceful place.

Lets hope that next weeks news will be a bit cheerier!
Happy Pink Saturday!


Connie said...

Jil, happy pink saturday, my chick friend. I hope all finds you well today. Cold??? Yep, here also. Had to turn up the furnace. Almost April and 41° here today. Yikes...

Gabriela Delworth said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Your bunnies are lovely!

~ Gabriela ~

Holly said...

Hi Jill~
Our weather is getting better but comes with high winds - makes me cranky.
Yes, I join you in praying for Japan! Thank you for encouraging people to do that.
Happy Pink Saturday!

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Jil, Really cold here as well. But compared to many others at this time, I will be tickled pink in my warm home with my warm prayers for others. Love your bunnies. They make us smile. Thx for sharing.

Mari said...



Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

So cute! Happy Spring and Happy PS!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Jil,
Your egg bunnies are so very cute! I got me some new bunnies but I'm waiting to use them in an Easter vignette before sharing them. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Spring!


Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Jil :) Hopefully Spring will finally make an appearance here in Michigan, but it doesn't seem to be in any hurry :( It is nice that the sun has been shining, which helps a LITTLE bit, lol :) Your bunnies are so adorable! I can't wait to receive the sweet pink bunny I purchased from your website :) It's so cute, and you know it will be going to a good home :)

Have a great weekend my friend! Warmest hugs, Brenda

Lynn said...

Love those little egg bunnies. They looked adorable in the very pink basket, but alone, they are just precious. Come to Florida, Spring has left and summer is here. Seriously, everything is in bloom, highs in the mid 80's this weekend. But for us, its beautiful because what is lacking is the humidity of summer. Blessings and spring will come soon.

Anonymous said...

Jil - My cursor was hopping with your bunnies all over your blog in the shape of a heart which only you can do -- Praying with you girl. I'm there. Terri
But I do wish I knew how to do that hoppin heart bloggin cursor thingee

Jori said...

Happy Pink Saturday!! LOVE the bunnies. I hope you get warmer weather soon!

Linda M. said...

Happy Pink Saturday Jill, Your bunnies are so cute! Spring is coming we must just wait a little longer. We stil have the heat on here in PA.

Char said...

I am so sorry that your weather isn't warmer Jil. I know that you have had enough of the cold and the white stuff. I hope it warms up soon.
I also had trouble with pink this week. I have not been creating all week and was sorely lacking anything from my studio.
Your bunnies are just as cute as can be. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Terri Morse said...

Hi Jill! You're egg bunnies are the cutest thing! What an original idea. Their little faces remind me of the bunny slippers we had as kids. Does anyone else remember bunny slippers? It's absolutely freezing here too. My son was grumbling about shoveling snow this week :). Thank you for sharing your good thoughts and prayers for Japan. They sure seem to be walking through the fire. Have a lovely weekend! Terri

LV said...

I enjoyed your pink showing today. I complaint a lot here because it is so dry here. We have not had rain in months. I will tor late it over your cold weather .

Jacalyn @ said...

Our weather sucks too Jil! Snow and cold, ugh! I am sooooo over winter. Your bunnies are absolutely adorable!

Happy PS,

Annesphamily said...

Those bunnies are so sweet! Glad I came by. HPS Anne

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

I absolutely love all of your pink bunnies.

I am hosting an auction on my blog of vintage and antique linens ~some are pink! :)

Come by and take a peek.

liberal sprinkles said...

HI Jil,
Those bunnies are so cute, just in time for Easter! Thanks for visiting my post, have a great weekend!

Cat & Cricket said...

Happy PS!
It is chilly isn't it.. but your bunnies warm the heart!
Have a great weekend!

That shabby Pink Girl said...

the bunnies are so cute. gosh you have really had the weather. It just rains here all day and night, and it's cold, but no snow thank goodness. Hope you get some relief real soon, I know how you love to Garden
marian elizabeth

Jacqueline said...

What cute cute bunnies. I agree, I am sick of the snow and ready for spring. So sad to hear about Elizabeth Taylor, and of course I can't even imagine how difficult it is in Japan right now. My friend's brother is there and it really is a mess. Have a wonderful PS and hope it warms up.

xinex said...

Your bunnies are really cute. You are very creative. 9 degrees? Wow! It's been in the high 70's here...Christine

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What sweet bunnies!!
It is also pretty cold here with temps. in the teens at night. The snow is melting though!


Dru said...

Sounds like you could live next door with all the cold you're having - we got another few feet of snow this week - so spring is still a bit away for us also! Your bunnies are just adorable! Happy Pink Saturday!

Atelier de Charo said...

So cute little bunnies!So sweet

Happy Pink Saturday!

jeanne said...

Hi Jil, your bunnies are the cutest things. Especially int the little pink basket. It isn't so cold here but the skies are falling. Thunder and heavy rain. It is as dark as night here today. Spring is having a hard time here too.

I pray for Japan daily. I am so saddened by such a disaster.
Sending wishes for happier and warmer days your way.
Hugs, Jeanne

Denise@alloverroses said...

Jil your bunnies are so precious! I love bunnies and I leave mine out all year round. Guess I am always ready for Easter. Happy Pink Saturday!

KarenHarveyCox said...

It's cold today here too, but no snow so that's promising. There are people who give so much to our little world and when they leave they are surely missed. She was an amazing actress and behind the scenes a giving person. Keeping Japan in my prayers.


bj said...

My first time here, I think. Your blog is just fabulous and so pretty.
Our weather is windy and a little cool. No snow, tho:)

Rebecca said...

Happy Pink Saturday JiliGirl! The most precious bunnies EVER!


~~Carol~~ said...

Still cold here too, and snowflakes were flying this morning! Your little bunnies are such sweet little creations!
Happy Pink Saturday,

Melissa said...

Cute bunnies. Thanks for stopping by and HPS!

Olivia said...

Oh my what adorable darling bunnies! Happy Pink Saturday! Hope it warms up soon.

Melody said...

Being a Master Floral Designer of 39 years I have to say I love your domain name! Being an embroidery and fabric nut your creations are terrific! Love those bunnies.
I am new to PS and was just hoppin thru checkin out all the pink pretties. Hope you can stop by sometime for a visit!

monah said...


Visiting from Pink Saturday.

I like your sweet Easter displays.

Stop by and visit me if you have a chance.


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Sunny said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Your blog spot is adorable. Love your bunnies! Sunny109

Linda M. said...

Happy Pink Saturday Jill, The eggs and bunnies are adorable.