Friday, June 3, 2011

Pink Saturday And New York

Hubby aka Pa, Nolan And Allie,Lilly and me, Jack is in front and our daughter is taking the picture. This is at Lake George on our day of much fun!

Hello and Welcome Bloggy Friends! I hope your week has been delightful! I have been absent the last two weeks....we went to see some of the grandchildren and our daughter. It was Grandparents Day for the sixth graders and we drove to upstate NY to join in the fun. Believe me, that long, 500+ mile trip, was well worth it. We muched on sugar donuts and drank lemonade and decorated our kite. After it was decorated we put it together and once done we all went out to test them! It was a beautiful day....the forcasted thunderstorms knew they better stay away and they did! The kites flew perfectly in the breeze and when the afternoon was over we all went home happy!

Our darling Lilly, isn't she cute?, and her Grandpa who is known as "Pa." Thank heavens we had him as he can tie any kind of knot!

This is the greeting waiting for us done by Jack, our first grader grandson....wasn't that sweet? We were charmed for sure! It says, "Hi Mo And Pa HI" We are Mo and Pa to most of the grands.....

Before I go a dot further, be sure you visit our hostess Beverly to find all the wonderful pink loving blogs and do leave her a comment to let her know how you enjoy this event she so sweetly provides for us.

Much of our dear country has suffered through severe weather causing all sorts of misery as well as loss of life. Lake Champlain was over burdened just as the ole Mississippi was. More water from all the snow and rain than it could handle and so it spread out into fields, eroding the banks and leaving people homeless. It is hard to find words to express this kind of devastation, but I had a lot of tears in my eyes as I looked and wished there was something I could do. They have a long hard row ahead of them!

Water everywhere it is not supposed to be....huge bolders brought in to save the shoreline drive...

Thankfully our daughter and family live on higher ground near the lake and so they were not flooded.....the lake had 12' waves at one time during all of this that washed out cement walls, decks and docks. The damage is horrendous. They showed me a little house that was almost surrounded by water where an older lady lives. She refused to leave and I felt so sad for her. Her property is always so pretty with grass out to the water and lots and lots of flowers.... I hope the water stopped rising before it seeped into her house....

Allie and Pa

Lilly and Jack riding their bikes on the lane next to their home as well as flowers blooming.....the day was so warm and beautiful and the mosquitoes the size of elephants!!!

I helped our daughter weed one of her many gardens....then we had a delicious spring dinner and relaxed in the evening. It was truly a beautiful day!
The next day we all went to Lake George to play miniature golf and roam the shops and play! We found an arcade and had a blast! I walked and walked and believe me, I need to be doing a bit of that every day! It felt so good!

Kym teeing off and a hole in one, but the amzing thing was Jack! He had never played before, he is seven and he made one on a very difficult hole! The picture I took of him turned out all fuzzy! :((( Sorry Jack!

Miss Allie.....she played with her nice boyfriend of two years! This was their 2nd anniversary!

This is the prettiest bush with these white blossoms, but I can not remember the name and I have not had time to look them up in one of my many gardening books....

"Pa" and he made a hole in one, too!

Miss Lilly....she made a hole in one!!!

Our Miss Hannah left with her Dad on Friday for NY City and the weekend. She belongs to the schools drama club and they chartered this amazingly comfortable bus with several drop down big tv's and left to see three Broadway Plays.....They saw Wicked, Jersey Boys and Billy Elliot. What an experience for a thirteen year old and they stayed in a luxury hotel, too! Plus they met behind stage, the cast of Wicked...learned one of their songs and did a few dance steps....this will be a trip both will remember forever!

Arriving is always the best and saying goodbye so hard, but aren't we lucky that we can visit...We hope they can come for some of the summer and then our minds will turn towards Texas.

On the road again.....Driving the 401 headed SW to Toronto, Ontario, CA and home....
We found an antique where we stop to make sandwiches....and now I have a place to always stop on our trips North....

And we arrived home, it had rained so much the lilacs were not looking very pretty and they were tight buds when we left, but the Lily Of The Valley are beautiful and so are the Bleeding Hearts and Columbine.....we still had some pretty tulips and the roses are budding.

This has been a long post, but I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of our trip and now I am going visiting....
Happy Pink Saturday and have a beautiful week!


Holly said...

HI Jill~
What a wonderful time you must've had visiting your beautiful family! what a gift family is! I enjoyed your pictures. so glad your family was safe from all of the flooding.
Blessings and Happy Pink Saturday!

Char said...

Hi Jil, it likes like you all had so much fun. I can't believe how green everything is. When you live in the desert, you forget how green other places can be.
Your family is wonderful and what memories you now have.
I love road trips and all the great places you can stop. Pee wee golf is one of my favorites. What fun!!
I am happy to see that your families home is not under water. Yes, it's bad out there this year for so many.
I must say I would have had to have that teacup that is pink inside, what a beauty.
Happy Pink Saturday to you. You are showing bleeding hearts, my favorite. Your garden looks gorgeous and I remember a time when you thought you would not see it because of all the snow. Char

Tami said...

Hi Jil..what a fun trip you had! Thank you for sharing all your pictures..have a lovely Pink Saturday! hugs..Tami

Debbi said...

Loved your post Jil:) the shrub you didn't know the name of is a type of viburium, I have several of them in my front yard, in fact they plant LOTS of those here in the PNW too. Sad about the flooding:(
Glad your trip was awesome!

Gabriela Delworth said...

Happy Pink Saturday~

What a great trip!

~ Gabriela ~

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Love your post Jil, Happy Pink Saturday and I'm glad you were able to get away a bit for a wonderful time with family. So beautiful, Hugs and don't forget the Giveaway, one week left, Have a fun filled restful Pink weekend, Blessings, Marilou xoxo

~Shabby~Prim~Delights~ said...

Your trip looks wonderful...and I loved looking at all you beautiful photos.

Maison Mutt said...

What a wonderful road trip! Visiting family is always wonderful. Your purple & white tulips are just beautiful. I tried my hand a tulips once. Planted over 200 bulbs...not one came up. Oh well I'll try again someday. Happy PS!
Wags, Niki

Annette said...

Hi Jill, It looks like you had a wonderful trip and I'm so glad your family is safe and dry! We're having some flooding here in Montana as well but not nearly as devastating as some states. So glad you had a nice trip.

Marydon said...

G'morn, Jil ~ I think (?) that is a Japanese hydrangea. What a wonderful trip, so much fun, loving family & treasures to enjoy.

Have a beautiful PS week ~

Genie said...

I think you all must have had a fabulous time. I have never been there, but it looks beautiful. What a lovely series of photographs you put together for us to enjoy this week. Thanks for sharing.HPS.

Aunt Snow said...

What a wonderful trip. So much to see, so much to say. The flooding is heartbreaking, yet the glimpses of spring and flowers are so reassuring. Your family looks so happy and loving - you are blessed.

I think the flower you are looking at is a viburnum plicatum "mariesii"

Happy PInk Saturday!

That shabby Pink Girl said...

Hi Jil
What a wonderful trip, knowing you, I know you had a wonderful time and it was a much needed trip for you, what cute grands. The pictures are so pretty. So Happy you got to go, and that they escaped the flooding.
marian elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hi,Jill! What a wonderful trip you had at your daughter's!!And your grand-children are growing beautiful! Love,Debby from Italy

Nancy said...

Jil, thank you for sharing. I'm so glad you had nice weather for travel and a wonderful visit. Lake George was a summer spot for weekend visits when I was growing up. Of course, we just missed you (again!) since we are no longer on the other side of the lake.

Ribbon loop giveaway on my blog today. Did you enter? $50 worth to some lucky person.

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Hi Jill, I'm so happy you enjoyed your trip. It looked wonderful. What a blessing that your family is safe & dry! We all need to continue prayers for the not so lucky. Welcome home

Stay in the pink


Annesphamily said...

Hi! Just lovely! I love long posts and I love getting know everyone. I love the NYC trip! How fun that must have been! Pictures! We need more pictures! Hee Hee!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your family with us. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs Anne

Holly said...

Hi Jil~
I just saw your post about blogger's a grrr, isn't it? Anyway, I was going to tell you that what has worked for me is to have mozilla firefox. I use that browser whenever I am "blogging" and haven't had a problem since.
Hope that helps.