Monday, August 15, 2011

Miracle Makeover on Pink Saturday

Sadly, I have not been able to post, as I have not been able to access my blog until right now and so I am days late in joining in with this wonderful event. Miracle Makeover. This makeover is for a dear and giving little boy, Charlie, who has cancerous brain tumors....when you are at Beverly's, you must watch the video of how he was chosen to be this years recipient, so sweet, and to see the amazing makeover created just for him and his personality and dreams. And, not only did they redo Charlie's room, but they did his loving sisters as well. Charlie shares a room with his brother, Liam, and his dreams were incorporated in the room as well....I know I had tears running down my face as I watched and I am sure you will, too!
I am joining Beverly and these other blogs for MIRACLE MAKEOVER.
Each comment you leave at Beverly's and at each of the other Miracle Makeover host blogs earns a $1 donation for the next Miracle Makeover.

The goal this weekend is 5,000 comments.

One Comment From You Left at Beverly's & at the 4 Blogs linked below =

$ 5 Donation on your behalf from Design Gives

Design Gives Back @Design Gives Back/Kelee

Spiritual Sunday @Spiritual Sunday/Charlotte & Ginger

Country Wings in Phoenix @Country Wings in Phoenix/Sherry

Metamorphosis Monday @Between Naps On The Porch/Susan -

comments on Monday Only

As for my blessings? I have many! I feel blessed each morning to wake up to a new day and to have the husband I do and the children that have chosen to stay in my life. I feel blessed with my grandchildren and that all are healthy and in good homes with loving parents. I feel blessed that the EKG that had a little something wrong, turned out to be nothing and my heart is strong and healthy..I feel blessed that I am able to keep my diabetes under control with no meds.....I feel blessed that my husband came through all of his skin cancer operations and we don't see anymore lesions popping out....I feel blessed that I had such a wonderful childhood and mostly, a good life and have gotten to see much of our amazing and beautiful country. I have small blessings orchid has given me a new leaf...(I love orchids and this one was gifted to me by my husband on Mothers Day and it is truly a blessing that it is still alive. I have a brown thumb when it comes to them.) I feel blessed when I hear the birds sing and the flowers, that I so love, bloom in the garden..hear raindrops on the roof and thunder rumbling.....I feel blessed for a very good and dear friend that is like a sister and I feel blessed that God has been good to me in so many ways and while I do not understand somethings in my life, I am learning to trust in Him, put my troubles in his hands and know that all in my life is part of His plan!

May your life be filled with many Sweet Blessings!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you say 'the children who have chosen to stay in my life'. It's such a neat perspective and one that I will adopt. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jil!

What a lovely "blessings" post!!!

Thank-you for becoming a Rose-Pink Winged Design Angel! We are so grateful.

I love all the blessings and "our beautiful country" reference... I agree!

Your embroidered linens area fav of mine...I collect them too!

In Gratitude for this Miracle Makeover post!

Love, kelee

LV said...

A wonderful post and tribute to this great organization. We all have more blessings than we give praise for. Be sure to comment on all the sponsoring blogs.

Charlotte said...

I'm glad you were able to post even if late for Pink Saturday and I'm glad you shared it with us for Spiritual Sundays. Your account of some of your many blessings has been a blessing to me.

Beverly said...

Jil. what can I say? You already know I love you. And, then you write this incredible post to share with us. We are all vulnerable in life, and I, too, am so thankful that God takes care of all of our needs. We just have to be attentive and steadfast.

Thank you for participating in this very special Pink Saturday. I hope your visitors will come over to comment and help us to raise more money for the next Miracle Makeover. The good news is that you can leave a comment each day through the 18th, and each comment earns $1.00. So, please come comment again and again.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a delightful post, Jil! We all have blessings to be thankful for. I'm so glad that things are well with you and your family. I can say the same thing. The summer was uncertain in many ways but now all is well and for that I give thanks to God. Thank you for visiting and leaving your nice comment.

Sandi said...

As your post has blessed the Design Gives Back team, it shows the blessings are continuing to flow. You're truly a blessing to those who will receive inspiration from seeing Charlie's story, thanks to your blog post.

Counting my blessings for you,

Sherry, The DGB Team