Monday, July 18, 2011

~Happy Rose Drying~.

Good Morning Peeps.......I have something to share with you that is so exciting to me!
You know by now that I am so in love with my Eden roses.....I, even, lately purchased another big healthy bush of them. In time I hope to have them wandering beautifully over our two, not so pretty, chain link fences.

What I want to show is that I picked three of their heavenly blooms and put them in a pretty vase. I showed them off to you on another, earlier, post....Here they are, again....

Just like the white roses from a bouquet I gifted myself, last winter and just let rest in the vase I arranged them in....

My glorious Eden roses gave me the same gift....Left alone, not even changing the water, they dried on their own.

If you love dried blossoms as I do, just try cutting a few of your roses, put them in water and just leave them. Some roses will do this, some will not. I have found those roses that have many layers of petals, such as Eden, and some of the tea roses as the white ones, are your best bet.

Now I wish I had cut all of the blooms and let them dry....I love making wreaths and that is what I will be doing with these three.....when I have one created, I will share...
Have a happy day creating!


anonymous said...

Love your roses and so happy you have them.

There is a way and I'm sure if you Google "rose preserving" or something like that, you may find that you can preserve dried roses so they will not fall apart or lose their color after time. I believe glycerine has something to do with the process.

I know that placing them near a natural light source will fade them faster.
Janet W.

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Hi Jil :) No, I did not have too hard of a time catching my breath when I found the bed canopy, LOL :) And I am doing my best to keep cool too ~ it's suppose to be VERY hot and humid all week, yikes! My husband is a heavy equipment operator, so he's working in this hot weather...he better be keeping himself well hydrated! Your roses are beautiful!! And you have dried them so you can treasure them for many years :) Next year you will just have to remember to cut more to dry :)

Warmest hugs to you my fellow Michigander, Brenda

Red Rose Alley said...

Those are one of the most beautiful pink roses I've seen. Have a beautiful week.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Wow! These are gorgeous. I can only imagine the fragrance. Thank you for swinging by to see the invasion of the Cone Flowers, hope you visit again soon. hugs ~lynne~

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jil,
Your roses are glorious. Oh I love the rich color and the fullness. Like you said, many petal layers. I have not tried this, but I will. Ususally I hang them upside down to dry.
Thank you for passing on this info.
So nice to see you today and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
Have a wonderful evening.
Hugs from a very HOT Texas, Celestina Marie

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Hi Jil,
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm very late visiting - have been stuffing bears for the last couple weeks, but I wanted to stop by. I love your Eden roses! In my other house I had 2 of them trained as climbers - they were my favorites. Now living in the woods = I don't have any yet. I do have a space that gets about three hours of sun. Are there any roses that would put up with this??
Love, Linda

Ava said...

So much eye candy in your blog ! Now following xx Ava

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Hello Jil!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Oh my! Your roses are amazing! I've never had luck drying any. But mine weren't as full as yours.

About my hollyhocks ~ I started getting the lacy leaves too this year. But we redid the garden and put down some of that black weed guard paper and that stopped the bugs! Wasn't the intent, so it was a nice surprise. But now they won't reseed themselves so I'll have to catch the seeds and plant them. It will be interesting to see how it turns out next year.

take care,

sex addict said...

I am new to your site and still have to catch up on all of your blogs. Since I started reading the other week what you are doing is fantastic. Wishing the best for you and your family.