Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello Everyone....Are you all enjoying the heat wave? No. I didn't think so. Much as we yearned to be rid of the long winter with all the snow, I think we were not thinking of so much heat! I am blessed with central air, and believe me, it is a blessing, but we take a two mile walk every night and that is not fun right now. We walk on the boardwalk right next to the water and while it is a bit cooler, when you are trying to walk as fast as you can you get so hot and tired! I do it, though, with my water bottle! I really push myself and I was hoping for a fifteen pound weight loss by Monday, but I will be lucky to get to ten pounds. :( The older you get, the harder it is and I am determined to loose my "muffin top" by winter and sweater time.....

To get to all the other pink and sweet blogs just go to Beverly's and you will find them all for this Pink Saturday. While you are there, be sure and leave Beverly a comment.....we are so grateful to her for hosting this fun venue!

The little gal in the top picture is a memento from the craft show days....I keep her out to remember all those good times....

The cream stocking below, I just finished.....I love the sweet look of the tone on tone of says many things to me, shabby, pretty and classy. I love making the muslin roses and am making some to offer in my Etsy Shop soon.

This stocking has a picture pocket, lots of lovely vintage laces and can be seen HERE I have several more in all creams coming very soon....I invite you to stop by and look.

Off and Running To Say Hi To YOU!


mercedes scott said...

Hi, Jil... love your little doll with basket... she's a cutie! And your stocking is lovely--I need to stop by your shoppe and check it out! Happy PS :)

Mildred said...

Hi Jil, I think it is HOT everywhere this weekend! I love your doll and the stocking is just exquisite. I'll be checking your shoppe too. Hope you have a nice weekend. Congrats on the weight loss; I think you are doing great!

Char said...

Yep, it's hot, but we don't have the humidity that you are getting. It must be terrible where you are, but at least you are close to the water and it cools down a little.
Love the doll Jil, she is a sweet reminder of days gone by.
Your stocking is beautiful and I am sure you will sell her quickly.
Happy Pink Saturday and be safe, Char

Denise@alloverroses said...

Love the doll! Reminds me of the ones I used to make. Your stocking is gorgeous! It's hot here too but it normal for this area. I often wonder why I moved farther from the ocean instead of closer to it.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Nancy said...

Hey there, Jil! Not too hot here, but a little warm to walk comfortably. I'm working on that same project and down 10.

Love the stocking. As soon as the church quilting group starts up again I'm joining to make-me-sew! :-)

Happy Pink Saturday!

Marydon said...

Another divine Jil creation. Love your doll & that gorgeous stocking. You ae amazing.

We just got back from AZ & their heat was a breeze to this humid nastiness we have here in MD.

Happy PS weekend.

KatyDidStitches said...

I love your doll...another sweet pink-cheeked Jil creation! And your stocking is beautiful. I've been trying to make the folded roses...but I haven't quite mastered them. Yours is lovely!

It's hot here, as well. Picked blueberries on Thursday morning and nearly melted in the heat (me, my hubbin and my FIL). My MIL, on the other hand, put us all to shame. Didn't even break a sweat...probably could have gone all day...and she's in her late seventies. I felt like a wimp.


Pat said...

I love walks by the beach too - we don't have a boardwalk here. Good luck with the weight loss - it's a challenge for me too! Happy PS.

Julia K. said...

Your creations are amazing Jil!Especially the dolls and their gorgeous outfit!

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Hi Jil...your little doll and the stocking are just adorable! I totally love them.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Barb ♥

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Jil Sweetie...
Oh my goodness what a gorgeous share today. I simply adore your stocking. How precious it is to have a little pocket for special gifts of love as well. It says LOVE all over it. I love the clean look of the cream, along with the victorian look of laces and trims. So beautiful sweet friend. So beautiful.

I can feel the ocean spray on my face, and feel the warmth of the sand between my toes. I so wish I lived close to the ocean. I would be there every morning walking and walking, searching along the way for treasures.

I almost forgot, I love your doll. Is she not precious? What a special creation. You make beautiful gifts of love sweet one.

Hope you have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

Robin said...

Sweet littl doll....
I love your stocking too.
Stay cool, stay hydrated and stay with still have plenty of time before sweater weather.
Have a pinkishly beautiful day.

Gweny said...

Hi, love your stocking its so pretty. :D

love, Gwendolyn.

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Jil,

I love your stocking and doll...and I agree it's way too hot! I was saying the other day that so far this year we've had too much snow, too much rain, too much heat! I wonder what this coming winter will have in store?

Yes, it's so frustrating trying to lose those pounds when our metabolism is on vacation in Tahiti! {tee hee} Mine even sends the occasional postcard. :0)

Pink Sparkles for your week,
Stephanie Suzanne ♥

Suzann said...

Hello Jil
I love love love the stocking!! IT is beautiful!!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment :-)
Enjoy your day!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Debby said...

Hi,Jil!! You know, I LOVE dolls and your pinkie gal is DELICIOUS!! Hugs,Debby from Italy

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh this is all so beautiful!! Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday!!