Monday, March 19, 2012

Can You Afford Pinterest???

I enjoyed my Pinterest boards....they were so pretty and it was relaxing to just go and look at all the pretties from gardens to jewelry and everything you can imagine in between! I have sadly deleted them all.

Why would I do this when I enjoyed it so much? Well, like so many things, it has gotten ugly out there and lawsuits are a very real possibility. If you belong to Linkedin, as I do, I am sure you are aware of all the chatter going on where Pinterest is concerned.

I hope I am not in any violation in reprinting this to my blog for all of you on Pinterest to consider.....

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Discussion: Can you afford Pinterest?
For the first time when using one of these social sites i took the time to read about it first.Yes for the first time.When I signed for FB, Google+,Twitter and all the rest I just clicked the box.The difference this time was that a friend of mine was sued not long ago for breach of copyright.She had used a picture from the net to help her market her items.It was a very costly mistake.Basically when we pin something we are using someones pictures to help someone make money and it is not the owner of the picture.The next concern I had was when I read I was going to be liable for legals for Pin Interest as well if there ever was an issue.As a small person in this business world I just cant afford that.I do understand that the chances of me being sued are small but I am not going to allow any more risk factors to come into play.Etsy took the liberty of adding Pin Interest to their site without asking us sellers.I think this was not a very nice thing to do because they also didnt inform us of the pros and cons of using it either.They get to make money off the pictures that are pinned now as well.So I guess you can say well they make money off them anyways so what is a few more cents? The difference is that the contract I signed in for was for a site that basically works like a co-op and we all get the benefit of the group size.I pay for my listing and for sale and this effectively is my commitment to the site.I didnt give permission for my pics to be used in any other way that in the store I set up.So now Etsy says what?if you dont like it go somewhere else.I cant even block pinning of my pics from my store and so in some ways I am adding to the problem because by not doing anything it is implied as permission.
I choose not to play for many reasons.I do not say to anyone else to do what I do.I do say however, BE INFORMED.Ask questions, if you dont understand the answers, ask more and make sure you are comfortable with the information you get in reply.After all Pin Interest is not going to look after you if there is an issue.It says so in the fine print.
Just my two cents worth.

Posted by Tanya Boden

Thank you so much for stopping by....I missed St. Pat's Pink Saturday as we had so much going on here...Allie went off with newly made friends to the big St. Pat's day parade in downtown and then the girls had plans all day and so we were running them around and having fun, too. Green ketchup from Burger King was on the schedule! Now how do you suppose they make it green???

Talk soon!
♥ Jil


Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Hi Jil, I recently signed up with Pinterest, but haven't done anything with it...not really sure if I ever will. It really isn't quite my thing, you know. I also opened up an account on Facebook, but I'm not on that much either. I've been cutting my time on the computer way back...which is a good thing, as I am able to get more things done around the house. And with the wonderfully nice warm weather we are having, I want to enjoy it :)

The pic of your bunnies you made are soooo cute!!

Have a great week my friend!! Warmest hugs, Brenda

Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hi Jill, your bunny 'look lovely! very delicate! I read a little about pinterest ishue and is certainly something that we know to be careful that through ignorance ', we are violating any copyright law and so on. Most people do not read or question, simply notes that undo any use or does ... and also they do, perhaps without knowing some important things. Warm greetings from the Caribbean, Rose m.

Unknown said...

I haven't got into pinterest infact i haven't even looked on the site but i have seen many pictures on peoples blog that they have taken from there. And i have also seen and heard of the law suits to its all very sad really. Sorry you had to cancel yours but i think you have done the right thing its just not worth the risk. Enjoy your week, dee x

Anonymous said...

Well, Jill, I have been hearing more and more on this issue and it does scare me. I thought having something that - when pinned - comes with a direct link back to the originating site to be a great way to increase traffic. I haven't the time to watch all the art tutorials I want to and am glad to save them someplace where I can always find them. Or recipes. Or just ideas for future reference. Now, with all this copyright stuff - what's the sense of having it at all. I do believe in protection of intellectual property. But, I thought the originating site link did that. Guess I need to get more facts.

Thanks for the details. Bless you!

debi said...

I resisted Pinterest for a long time, but when I finally got into it, I really loved it. Then I started reading all of these things about being sued, and that was enough for me. I have also deleted all of my pin boards, because NO, I can't afford it.

Unknown said...

After reading your past post's on this subject, I went and deleted half my boards. I did not want to go into each pin and check it out so I just deleted the one's I though might have problems. And I may just delete them all and be done with it. Not that I use any pins for my own use, but I dont want to be responsible for others that re-pin. Plus I was becoming a Pinterest hoarder..for what? I will look but not pin..Thanks for sharing this.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I posted about this on my FB several weeks back. Although I have not yet deleted my boards I have not been pinning and all of a sudden I have tons of people following my pins.

I hate to close all my boards but I think I may end up doing that.

So sad as I really enjoyed it for inspiration.


Debbi said...

humm, Jil I do belong to that linked in group, but I think I deleted the email about that. I did a search a couple months ago on my web name over there, and several of my items came up even some of the vintage graphics I use to decorate the pages! But it did give me credit to my website, so I figured it is good advertising.
Also, even tho I have always thought it was a distraction on the photos, I started putting my web name on the bottom of the pics, so if they do get shared on pinterest or on Facebook at least folks will know where to go buy it!

Unknown said...

This is such a timely issue. One thing about using the copy from Linkedin and other people's photos...ASK!! It is not enough to merely give credit where credit is due although that is mandatory. We must ask the producer of the original content before using it and pay any fees requested. To cover your backside on the Linkedin article, go back and ask the author for permission to repost it on your blog. I see so many blogs out there using stolen photo content. It is just not worth it. Even the guidelines for educational use are becoming blurred. Better safe than sorry and you are wise to warn your readers.

fannipauline said...

Wow - what an interesting article. I know of so many that love pinterest......I have only clicked in a few times and did see some darling and clever things. It certainly cauld allow for more copying of other people's "beauties" which I personally hate to see. There are too many same ole - same ole out there as it is.....but you do get some great ideas in spite of it.

Your Craft Book said...

Hello Jil, Very interesting blog about Pinterest. I do know of one blogger that was very upset to see her content on Pinterest so I am sure that there must be many, many others.

Something we should all be aware of is intellectual property and copyright. I would hate to find myself at the end of a law suit and we are living in a very litigious society so I think sueing will become more common.

Thank you so much for sharing, Maureen.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

You have a delightful blog! Oh Yes, "We can never say enough about roses"!
I hope you will PEEK into my Land of Blog too...
Have a wonderful week,

Fifi Flowers said...

Hopefully YOU have received word that Pinterest policies have changed... I left them for awhile BUT since NEW policy were in effect April 6th I'm back to having FUN!!!! Hope YOU are too!
I'm addicted to it...

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